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Stepping into therapy for the first time can feel scary and vulnerable for some; like an adventurer taking the first step of a long, uncharted voyage. The road ahead might be hard, but you don't have to go alone. We'd consider it a privilege to go with you on that journey.

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You Don't Have to Go Through It Alone

Virtual "Walk-In" and Crisis Counselling Sessions Available

Services Offered

One-on-One Sessions

  • Crisis Appointments: (for all ages) Are you in distress or having a terrible day? Maybe you're in-between sessions with your regular counsellor, or maybe you don't regularly attend therapy and just need a little one-time immediate support. While high demands mean we can't always guarantee that we will have immediate space, we'll do our best to fit you in as soon as possible, usually within the same day. If we can't see you within a reasonable timeframe, we have a bank of crisis/virtual walk-in services we can refer you to. Book now online or contact us if you don't see an appointment available currently that suits you - we will open a custom emergency session for you!


  • Child and Youth Counselling: We use a combination of art and creative-based therapies, play therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), emotionally-focused therapy (EFT), trauma-focused CBT, dyadic developmental psychotherapy (DDP), and narrative therapy to help children and youth express themselves, gain confidence, a sense of self, and learn emotional regulation techniques (see our "Areas of Expertise" page to learn more about these therapy types). Using our customized play therapy room, young children can find unique ways to express themselves and their difficulties (such as by drawing, building, or playing out a situation or emotion), or choose to chat and play via a familiar game, like Animal Crossing, Minecraft, or Roblox. In our experience (and in line with research), utilizing these techniques has helped children and youth open up, feel safe and comfortable sharing, and look forward to therapy. While the youth is the main receiver of therapy, research shows that child/youth therapy is most effective when caregivers are involved. As such, we like to try to meet with a child or youth's parents for the first session, and then meet together frequently for updates and ongoing work (approximately once every 3-5 child sessions). However, we understand completely that for many families this is just not a possibility, and will work with you within the means of your family's schedule and availability to offer your child the best care possible. Research tells us the course of play therapy can be completed/lead to positive results within ~20 sessions.

  • Ecotherapy - Canoeing Therapy on the Welland River: *please contact us before booking your session* Ecotherapy is an umbrella term for a variety of techniques and practices that aim to promote mutual healing between the human mind and the natural world from which it evolved. It is rooted in research evidence which suggests that mood disorders can be lifted by spending more time outdoors [1][2][3][4]. Meet your therapist at Wellandport Community Park for a beautiful and unique therapy experience surrounded by animals and nature on the picturesque Welland River - you may see all varieties of birds and herons, beavers, otters and more as we journey! We've undergone specialized training in ecotherapy and know how to utilize the benefits of nature to enhance the therapeutic and healing qualities of your counselling session. Leave the canoe, paddle, and life jackets to us. You don’t have to bring anything but yourself, whatever clothes and gear you feel comfortable being active in outdoors (a hat, sunscreen, etc.), and some water. This kind of therapy combines some of life’s natural antidepressants: exercise and movement release endorphins that help us feel good and help us process our emotions, and nature soothes us while we talk.

  • Couples Counselling: Even the most loving and well-intentioned couples can hit patches of difficulty, experience "misses" or misunderstandings in communication, or find themselves in such distress they begin contemplating separation. Whether you're looking to simply experience closer intimacy and connection together, or have a place to work on deeper or more complex issues, we love to help partners truly see each other and feel attuned again. In session we use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), which is a well-researched, empirically studied therapy method based on the science of adult attachment, developmental personality, and intimate relationships. It has been shown to lead to powerful and effective results within 8-20 sessions. Throughout their therapy journey, we help partners discuss their initial reactions and behaviours in moments of distress, identify their patterns and dynamic as a couple, communicate in a space that is safe, understand how their upbringing and pasts influence their present understanding of the world, and effectively problem-solve for the future.

  • Dyadic (Child + Caregiver) and Family Sessions: Family can be the source of our greatest strength. When our family system stops working the way it's meant to, though, or hasn't been functional for some time, the result can be great pain. We enjoy working with families to brainstorm unique solutions, help foster emotional closeness, process difficult events, and bridge communication gaps to help weather the painful periods and get back into operating in unity, strength, connection, and trust. We utilize a combination of EFT, DDP, and Theraplay for dyadic and family sessions (see our "Areas of Expertise" page to learn more about these therapy types). Some sessions occur together as a group, while others may occur individually or dyadically depending on individual needs.

  • Group Therapy: We offer many therapy groups, including an ongoing creative arts therapy group that meets monthly, CBT and DBT groups (where individuals can learn how to better anticipate and manage difficult thoughts and emotions), as well as therapy group programs for foster children. Learn more about our available therapy groups here.

  • Foster/Adoption Family Therapy Support Program: This therapeutic support program is based on psychological research in the areas of attachment, trauma, and Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care (MTFC), which suggest that treatment programs like this one create up to 3-fold less risk of placement breakdowns, reduced child problem behaviour, reduced risk of placement disruption, reduced number of foster parents dropping out, and reduced cost of care. Registered families will receive ongoing monthly support for caregivers and children to help placements last longer and thrive. Based on your needs and an agreed upon fee, foster families registered with this program will receive access to:​

    • The Foster/Adoption Parent Therapy Support Group and Foster Child & Youth Support Group: your foster families will have the opportunity to meet once a month in individual groups led by a trained psychotherapist. While being supported by peers who share similar experiences, they will have a chance to vent their frustrations and challenges, learn emotional regulation and conflict resolution skills, explore their histories and trauma, receive therapeutic support including parenting strategies, and more.

    • Additional Support: agencies that would like extra support for their foster families can arrange for a yearly float reserve that is used to provide crisis counselling services to their youth and families in need.

  • Church Leadership and Congregation Therapy Support Program:  Many pastors and members of leadership report extreme difficulties and low support throughout their work; church members report that they experience psychosocial issues they do not feel comfortable sharing with pastors/ministers/leadership, and often issues with leadership that ministers do not have the ability or comfort to assist with [1]. As beings made up of multiple dimensions (body/mind/spirit/soul), just like a trip to the doctor, seeing a therapist can be a valuable tool and important resource God uses to support our overall health. This therapeutic support program is based on research showing that individuals registered in Christian counselling groups were able to address these issues and experience "significant growth in almost all psychological and spiritual dimensions" assessed [2]. Our masters-level psychotherapists are trained in Spiritual Care and Theology, and know how to counsel individuals through sensitive and vulnerable issues of faith, trauma, difficult interpersonal experiences in the church, leadership burnout, and more. As spiritually-integrated psychotherapists, we want you to know that you, your leadership's, and your congregation member's beliefs, will be respected in our (virtual or physical) offices. Based on your needs and an agreed upon fee, congregations registered with this program will receive access to:​

    • The Pastor Therapy Support Group and Leadership Support Group: your pastoral team will receive monthly, individual counselling sessions, while your leadership team will meet in a group format once every month. During these groups, which are led by a trained psychotherapist, your core leadership will have a chance to reflect (spiritually and therapeutically) on their month in leadership and all that has transpired. They will have a chance to talk about the hurts, stresses, challenges, and frustrations of being a pastor or leader; be given practical tools and techniques they can use to deal with difficult emotions and situations; unpack their personal and leadership history to learn more about how it affects their present functioning; receive encouragement and peer support; build community and foster closeness and unity; and more!

    • Additional Support: churches that would like extra support for their congregation members and leadership/pastoral teams can arrange for a yearly float reserve that is used to provide additional counselling appointments to their members in need.

      To learn more about these programs, please visit the main Programs page, or contact us directly.

Group Sessions

Our skilled therapists also offer ongoing individual psychotherapy sessions for those looking for more long-term support. You can learn more about our available psychotherapists here and more about the techniques they utilize in session here.

      Ongoing support for adults, youth, couples, and families:



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