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Amanda Hann

Registered Psychotherapist - Qualifying (candidate)

I work with adults, young adults, and youth on challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma, domestic violence, body dysmorphia, relationship difficulties, and many more. I have worked with people in many different capacities over the years, including as a crisis counsellor at a women’s shelter, with youth at a church, and within the community as a community leader. Like Aikisha I have a very client-centered approach to therapy, as you are the expert in your own life. I want to make sure that you have autonomy and that this is a collaborative partnership. 

The main therapeutic approaches that I utilize in session are Mindfulness and DBT. However, I have also used CBT, EFT, Art Therapy, Play Therapy, and other modalities. I have a level one certification in EFT through the The International Centre For Excellence In Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT), and am a Student Member of The Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (CAMFT). I am not offering Marriage and Family Therapy at the time, but hopefully I will be able to start soon. 

My goal in my career is to be able to start group Yoga Therapy, to help promote positive body image, and deal with the struggles of body dysmorphia. I would also like to write educational resources directed toward teens to help them understand the difference between healthy versus unhealthy relationships. I would also like to use Play Therapy as a way of helping families with children. It may sound like a lot of different dreams in different directions, but when you look at our interpersonal relationships these things can all be connected. 


BRE Counselling and Theology

Emmanuel Bible College, Kitchener, ON

M.A. Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy

Wilfrid Laurier University/Martin Luther University College, Waterloo, ON


Registered Psychotherapist - Qualifying (pending) - College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO)


The Canadian Association of Marriage and Family Therapy - Student Member

The International Centre For Excellence In Emotionally Focused Therapy - Student Member

Canadian Play Therapy Associate - Student Member

Additional Training

- Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Level One Certification

- Christian Horizons - Beyond Suffering: Working with People with Disabilities

My Background

Just to learn more about me, I am what would be considered a “band geek” and have been since I was a teen. I love music, I have an eclectic music taste, and I believe it feeds the soul in a different way. I love cars, I am a “car girl,” anything from working on my own car to going to car meets I am into. In my downtime I am very creative. I tend to be either crocheting, creative journaling or doing zentangle; as a form of relaxation and self care. I                      have so many passions, but these are my main ones. I am an extrovert, I                          am fueled by connections with people and have been told that my “social                        energy reserves are unmatched” and that I am “a social solar panel.” (Just to                      give some perspective). But when it comes to therapy, ultimately I am                              here for you, the client. This is your journey, I am just here to help give some                      guidance.

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