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Foster Children & Youth Therapy Support Group

Course Price

$75/session ($900 for the year)

Course length

1-2 Hours per Session

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Foster Children & Youth Therapy Support Group


About the course

This group gives foster and adoption children and youth a space to meet for 1.5-2 hours with similar aged peers who are also in the foster/adoption care system under the guidance of a psychotherapist. They will have the opportunity to: Work through their feelings about the changes that have occurred to their family since foster care, however feels most comfortable for them (speech, creative writing and journalling, art, music, poetry), explore their identity and interests in a positive, nurturing space, develop a kinder pattern of self-talk and a more compassionate inner monologue, learn interpersonal skills and practice social skills, process difficult feelings, behaviours, and trauma events using art and play, learn about how their feelings, thoughts, and behaviours are interconnected, and build coping strategies and self-soothing techniques.

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