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Parent Therapy Support Group

Course Price

$75/session ($900 for the year)

Course length

1-1.5 Hours per session

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Parent Therapy Support Group


About the course

Children have unique struggles - they may experience anxiety or depression, they may be neurodivergent or have experienced trauma, and need unique support - and as parents, we go through those struggles with our children! Sometimes, without intending to, especially if we're a parent to a child or teen with anxiety, BPD, or ADHD, we may touch a trigger we had no idea was there, and find situations quickly boiling into places we never intended at home. This group gives caregivers a space to meet alongside their peers and a professional to discuss their challenges, receive support and group therapy, learn therapeutic and parenting strategies, and problem solve. Implementing this group may help avoid placement breakdowns in foster agencies by giving caregivers a safe space to deal with issues and mend bridges and miscommunications before they boil over. Foster parents and independent foster agencies can contact their CAS agency/direct worker to enquire about reimbursement of services and coverage for therapeutic services for children, youth, and caregivers.

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